Therapists at Advance Physiotherapy regularly use taping techniques to help with pain relief, joint support and increased function in everyday and sporting life. There are a number of different types of tape that can be used including “Kinesiotaping” which is particularly common in Sporting environments where it allows athletes to compete without previously disabling pain.


Kinesiotape is a specialised tape used to effectively treat many different conditions including;

-Muscle imbalance
-Postural problems
-Ligaments and tendon injuries.
-Fascia dysfunction. (Fascia is a connective tissue in the body)

The tape is applied in a specialised manner to correct the problem that you have, and can last between 3-5 days with each application. It is waterproof and therefore can withstand showering and even swimming on occasions.

Example of Application

This is the swelling remaining on an ankle following severe ligament damage 8 weeks after the injury. The tape was applied to reduce this swelling.

The application below was applied to this ankle and the swelling accurately measured at 24 and 48 hours post application.

Therefore the application of tape shown here is for swelling. It will look very different if applied for other reasons.

The tape is available in black, blue, pink and beige and on this occasion has been cut to encourage draining of the fluid from the ankle. The idea is that the tape creates channels through which the fluid can escape.


If you look closely at the picture after the application you are able to see the channels created by the tape. These are certainly more evident when bruising is present but are visible here on close inspection.


Swelling was measured around the ankle at 24 and 48 hours.

1cm of swelling was lost after 24 hours and it reduced further 0.5cm  at 48 hours.